What to look for in the The Algarve

Stress Free Holiday-Living in the Algarve

The Algarve the most Southern region of Portugal has the most hours of Sun, is widely known for her white beaches and beautiful blue ocean.. The famous yellow and red cliffs are often mentioned as one of the most beautiful coasts of Europe. Here you can relax and go back 20 years back in time.

Walking for hours without passing another human being will give you all the rest you need to escape your busy daily life. With its 300 day/year sunny weather you are almost guaranteed of the perfect holiday weather.

Besides going on holiday the Algarve is too a very loved placed for expats who wants to escape the stressful live that many are living in the more Northern countries of Europe. Best working businesses in the Algarve are real estate, print shops, rentals long term and short term,bespoke furniture shops,flower boutiques and not to forget web design in the Algarve and SEO consulting are just a few to name.

Places worth to visit on your holiday or settling in the Southern region of Portugal.



















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